About Swimwell


Swimwell was established in July 2014 and started by one swimming teacher in a small pool in Haughton. Lessons were initially just booked on a 1-2-1 basis.

As word started to spread locally lessons progressed to 2 in a class. Within 6 months there were 3 teaching staff working  7 days a week.

Further swimming pools were resourced and more lessons provided. Groups at small pools are now up to 3 per class and at our full size pool 8 per class accommodating 200 children per week.

Swimming is a passion and with that passion comes commitment and determination to create exceptional swimmers. At Swimwell we believe it is more than just a teaching job it is helping children not only to be able to save their own life if ever a need but the chance to be something. Success has been achieved from the high standards of teaching here, from County to National swimming level.

Teaching methods are of exceptional standards with great results.

Be inspired to succeed.

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